Privacy Policy

Kova Furniture Removals is strongly committed to protecting your privacy.  The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain what type of information we collect about you and how we use it.

Collection of information

The information we collect from you is primarily to make it easier and more rewarding for you to use our services. If you choose to access our online services you may be asked to provide personal information such as your name, contact details information relating to your move.

Kova Furniture Removals collects two types of information. The first type is anonymous information. For instance, information about how our site is being accessed that does not identify users.  This information is collected to allow us to improve our online services, is used in an aggregated form, and remains anonymous. Many of the individuals who access our site remain anonymous to us.

The second type of information that Kova Furniture Removals collects is personal information. We will collect personal information, when you provide it to us. This information allows us to provide personalised information and services that are not available to anonymous users.

Sometimes we will ask you to provide specific personal information in order to to access particular services, for example to obtain a moving quote.  Certain information such as your name and contact details may be mandatory.  This information allows us to provided you with better, more personally tailored service.  You may choose not to provide personal information and remain anonymous, but this might restrict your ability to access some services.

Use of anonymous information

Kova Furniture Removals automatically collect anonymous information about the way visitors interact with our site.  This allows us to tailor your site so that we can provide a better online experience.

Use of personal information

Kova Furniture Removals will only use the personal information you have chosen to provide us for the purpose for which you provided it. We will not use it for any other purpose without your consent.


A HTTP cookie—commonly referred to as just "cookie"—is a parcel of text sent back and forth between a web browser and the server it accesses. Its original purpose was to provide a state management mechanism between a web browser and a web server. Without a cookie (or a similar solution), a web server cannot distinguish between different users, or determine the  relationship between sequential page visits made by the same user. For this reason, cookies are used to differentiate one user from another and to pass information from page to page during a single user's website session. Our web server uses cookies to collect data about a given browser, along with the information requested and sent by the browser's operator (the visitor). Cookies do not identify people, but rather they are defined themselves by a combination of a computer, a user account, and a browser.

Kova Furniture Removals uses cookies to provide our site visitors with a better online experience and to allow us to understand how our site is being used. However, our cookies do not collect personal data about you.

If you don't want to accept cookies, you can set your browser and/or firewall to block them. You will still be able to access most of our content but some site features may be unavailable.


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